Videos: Fantastic Featherlites

Our customers are always asking us to create customized trailers for their hobbies and businesses. From special race trailers to extra shiny ATV trailers to giant outdoor LCD displays with built in living quarters, you never know what might come out of our manufacturing plant next! We thought we'd share a few examples with you...

Fantastic Featherlites: Eppler Towing

Featherlite specializes in all-in-one mobile solutions when companies and organizations need to respond quickly to disasters and emergencies. And they helped to deliver a unique mobile solution in a command center for Eppler Towing. Eppler provides large-scale towing and recovery services, and this Featherlite specialty trailer allows a central area to provide support and logistics during emergencies such as fires and earthquakes.

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Fantastic Featherlites: Samaritan's Purse Trailers

Featherlite builds specialized trailers and truck bodies in all shapes and forms. In this video, you’ll get a look at a variety of them that have been built for Samaritan's Purse to assist in their humanitarian disaster relief efforts. We’ll check out an equipment support trailer, a shower trailer, and a bunkhouse trailer.

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Fantastic Featherlite: Marines Recruitment & Flight Simulator Trailer

This Fantastic Featherlite is a one-of-a-kind recruitment trailer that has built-in flight simulators and striking graphics. That surely adds some enticement for young people who want to explore what it's like to be a U.S. Marines pilot! It's an all-aluminum Featherlite, so it's easy to pull and super durable. There's a reason the Marines choose Featherlite!

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This trailer is based around the versatile Model 4941 standard car trailer

Fantastic Featherlite: Chipola College's Welding Classroom Trailer

Who would have ever guessed that you could teach students how to weld in a trailer? Well, the engineers and manufacturing staff at Featherlite figured out how to turn Chipola College's vision into reality! This portable classroom trailer houses a complete classroom with computer workstations and video support. Not only that, it also contains a four station hands-on welding workshop complete with welders and all the supporting hardware. Check out the video to see it up close!

Learn more about classroom trailers on our Featherlite Specialty Trailers website.

This trailer is based on Featherlite's popular Model 4941 car trailer platform.

Fantastic Featherlites: Good Ride Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

It's a good ride in a Featherlite! And it's an especially good ride in one like this custom four horse Model 8581 trailer with living quarters. We showed this eye popping trailer in our booth at the 2014 Quarter Horse Congress and, suffice it to say, it got a lot of attention!

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Take a closer look at the Model 8581 living quarters horse trailer

Fantastic Featherlites: Model 4926 Command Center

Every wonder how electric power line crews coordinate their efforts out in the field when situations arise? This Model 4926 command center trailer was built for Mississippi Power. It’s a true multipurpose trailer that functions as a command center and ATV hauler. It's a self powering unit that provides this customer with a central base for communications, planning and deployment.

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Take a closer look at the versatile Model 4926 standard car trailer

Model 8413 Custom Goat Trailer

This is probably one of the nicest custom built goat trailers you’ll ever see! It was ordered by a customer who raises dairy goats and transports them all over the country. This trailer features a unique rear gate and escape door system. Plus, it has a convenient pen system inside that can be configured in myriad ways. The trailer is based around our Model 8413 combo livestock trailer that farmers use to transport all kinds of livestock from horses and cattle to llamas and goats!

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Model 4941 Living Quarters Trailer with Scoreboard

This custom Model 4941 gooseneck trailer was recently ordered by a customer who travels to rodeos around the country. They provide the rodeos with a gigantic LED scoreboard screen that shows competitor scores and other information to the audience. The scoreboard is built into the rear of the trailer. In the front is a very nice living quarters that the owners can stay in while they are on the road.

You'll find our whole lineup of bumper pull, gooseneck and open style car trailers on our website. Visit the Featherlite Specialty trailers website to see more examples of the incredible trailers our customers have asked us to build for them.

Model 4926 Custom Car Trailer

This is a recent special order built around the all-aluminum Model 4926 car trailer. It has a number of cool features the owner requested. He will be using it to travel to his races around the United States. You'll find our whole lineup of bumper pull and gooseneck car trailers on our website at