Car Trailer Features & Benefits

Car Trailer Features & Benefits

Featherlite car trailer benefitsCheck out the features & benefits of a Featherlite car trailer!

All-Aluminum Construction

Featherlite customers have confidence in knowing their car trailers are made with an all aluminum frame and skin. Car trailer owners prefer the higher payload capacity of Featherlite aluminum trailers, and Featherlites traditionally hold their value longer. With just routine maintenance, Featherlite trailers have superior resistance to rust and corrosion. And since they are lighter in weight than comparable steel trailers, Featherlite customers report fuel savings and a smoother tow. Durable all-aluminum construction secures you many more miles of hauling.

PerfectFitTM System

The Featherlite PerfectFit System for car trailers allows you to choose your trailer your way. Your car trailer will come with a number of standard features. However, you can opt to alter these features for a trailer more suited to you. In addition to standard features, your trailer is available with a mix of optional accessories. Your Featherlite dealer will take you through a streamlined step-by-step process to discover the right trailer for you quickly and easily.

Aluminum Floor

Durability on the outside is also found in the inside. Featherlite enclosed car trailers come standard with a smooth extruded aluminum floor, excluding Models 1611 and 1641.

Pierce and Roll

The pierce and roll system is used in the construction of each Featherlite car trailer. Used by airplane manufacturers, the pierce and roll system drives high strength rivets into the aluminum, but no hole fully pierces the roof’s skin. Instead a secure, water-resistant crown forms up and around the bottom of every rivet, reducing opportunities for water leakage. Standard riveting used by other companies can create hundreds of holes in the roof of an enclosed trailer where water can infiltrate if rivets or openings become worn.

Wiring Harness

With Featherlite car trailers, all wires are bundled in a protective jacket, known as the Featherlite wiring harness. Wire harnesses provide a watertight seal, protect against wire wear and tear and make connecting them to your vehicle easy. Without the harness, the individual wires would hang loose and unprotected.


Many Featherlite bumper pull car trailers feature aerodynamic v-noses. Featherlite v-noses are designed to reduce wind drag and are easier to pull. They are also great looking!

D Tie Rings

Featherlite’s D rings are handy to use to tie down cargo.

Heavy Duty Tongue

Featherlite’s bumper pull trailers come with a heavy-duty trailer tongue that extends back almost to the camper door area. This offers more strength to the entire trailer and makes for safer towing.

Cable Assists

Rear ramps on Featherlite’s bumper pull car haulers come with cable assists. This makes getting the ramp down and up much easier.

Sealed LED Lights

LED lights are brighter and provide more visibility to others when traveling with your car trailer. Plus, they traditionally last longer than conventional lights.


All Featherlite car trailers meet federal safety standards.

Axles & Brakes

Featherlite trailers come with E-Z Lube axles and forward adjusting brakes as standard features on most models with axles of 2.2K through 8K. The E-Z Lube axles make bearing lubrication quick and easy with an E-Z Lube cap that allows for easy access, extra protection and virtually no mess. Forward adjusting brakes adjust to proper clearances during travel allowing you to stop with confidence. It also eliminates the need for manual brake adjustments, saving you time and money.

Some features may not be standard on all models. See your Featherlite dealer.