In My Own Words

Read and hear what current Featherlite owners have to say about their Featherlite trailer. 

Pat M., Show Pig Producer & Owner of Model 8107

"This was a custom show trailer specifically fitted for hogs. We’ve had many people look at it and expressed interest in ordering one like it for their families. We tell them where we got it. The show-swine industry is pretty much a family unit endeavor, and our trailer was made to make going showin’ easy on our family. We love it. It could have been bigger and some added extras now that we’ve had it out but overall it is great. We’d be happy to show it off anytime!"

Featherlite Horse Trailer Owner

"Featherlite makes an excellent trailer. They are well built and stand up to many miles of hard use. The aluminum construction doesn't have rust problems that plague steel trailers. The light weight saves wear on tow vehicles and saves fuel." 

Model 8127 Stock Trailer Owner

“I love my Featherlite! It is bigger than my previous trailer but much lighter and easier for me to hitch, load and haul to my cattle shows by myself. Before Featherlite my fuel mileage dropped greatly when I hauled even a few head of cattle. Now it is about the same whether hauling or not. This trailer has been a tremendous time and money saver for me.” 

Tim & Patti B., NHRA G/SA 1925

“The workmanship and quality was more than we expected. We will be towing to many NHRA Drag races and we feel very secure using a Featherlite trailer.” 

Kevin C., Oklahoma, Owner of Featherlite Snowmobile Trailer 1648

"We are so happy with our Featherlite trailer! We got back from our trip to Baja, California on which we tallied 5800 miles with about 400 miles over bad roads, goat trails, rock, mud, sand and cactus. The hurricanes had torn the "decent" roads up and really “did a job” on some of the trails on which the trailer had to travel. It was the roughest I had seen it down on the Baja in many, many years. But the Featherlite came through it all in great shape!" 

Clyde D., Mississippi

“I live in southern Mississippi and during Hurricane Katrina, my Featherlite stock trailer sustained little damage despite going through strong winds, rolling sideways several times and landing upside down in a tree. It cost us only $250 to fix. It’s totally amazing that trailer could take that type of punishment. That’s a pretty good trailer! 

Model 1610 Owner

“I love my Featherlite trailer. This is my third trailer from Featherlite. They pull great, [require] minimal maintenance and have super resale. I will buy more Featherlite trailers in the years to come! Thank you for a great product!” 

Clyde D., Mississippi

"The only thing I don’t like about the (Featherlite) trailer is that I forget it’s back there. It pulls so good. Since it’s so light, I have to watch myself when I’m passing to make sure I have enough room to pull back in. It’s a great trailer and with the aluminum, I haven’t had to do anything to it.” 

Model 1683 Owner

“I’m very satisfied with my trailer. Everywhere I go people are interested in my trailer.” 

Duane B., Stock Trailer Owner

Livestock producer and multiple Featherlite trailer owner discusses the benefits of a Featherlite aluminum trailer.

Kris R., DVM, Washington Horse Trailer Owner

Veterinarian and Featherlite horse trailer owner Kris R. from Washington explains why she thinks Featherlite horse trailers stand out above other trailers.

Roger Gustin, Former President of AutoStar Productions, Producer of Super Chevy Show

Roger Gustin explains how Featherlites are “in a world of their own”. 

Gary P., South Dakota Trailer Owner

Featherlite trailer owner Gary P. of South Dakota describes the versatility of his rec/utility trailer. 

Ashley Force Hood, NHRA Funny Car Driver

NHRA Funny Car driver Ashley Force Hood talks about her Featherlite race transporter.

Wayne B., Arizona Horse Trailer Owner

Wayne B. of Arizona explains why Featherlite is his preferred choice of horse trailers.

Cindy L., Missouri Horse Trailer Owner

Listen to Cindy L. from Missouri talk about why she likes her Featherlite horse trailer, including its easy tow. 

Roger Gustin, Former President of AutoStar

Fuel savings is one benefit to owning a Featherlite trailer, according to Roger Gustin, Former President of AutoStar Productions, producer of the Super Chevy Show Series. Hear more now!

Fred M., Model 1610 Trailer Owner

Fred M. of New York, a Featherlite Model 1610 trailer owner, talks about the fuel savings of hauling a Featherlite trailer compared to hauling another brand.

John Force, NHRA Team Owner

NHRA owner and champion John Force gives praise to the Featherlite brand.

Wayne B., Arizona Horse Trailer Owner

Featherlite should be at the top of your list for horse trailers, according to Wayne B. of Arizona. Listen now!

Kris R., DVM, Washington Horse Trailer Owner

Listen to Kris explain why she loves her Featherlite horse trailer!

Roger Gustin, Former President of AutoStar

Roger Gustin, former President of AutoStar Productions, explains why Featherlite stands out above other trailers. 

Gary P., South Dakota Trailer Owner

Hear why Featherlite trailer owner Gary P. of South Dakota finds Featherlite trailers so easy to tow.

Wayne B., Arizona Horse Trailer Owner

Wayne B. of Arizona describes the smooth tow of his Featherlite horse trailer.

Cindy L., Horse Trailer Owner

Featherlite horse trailer owner gives reason for why she bought a Featherlite aluminum trailer.