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Videos & Media

Check out our collection of videos and commercials showcasing all-aluminum horse trailers, car trailers, livestock trailers, cargo trailers and much more. Take trailer tours, factory tours and learn the ins and outs of what makes the Featherlite brand your best choice for durability, safety and real value.








Here are our most recent videos:

New Featherlite Car, Utility & Motorcycle Trailers


Featherlite is introducing new trailers to haul cars, motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, lawn mowers, tools and other types of cargo.

New Featherlite Livestock Trailer Features and Enhancements


Featherlite continues to build upon its industry-leading features and durability with its newly enhanced 2017 Featherlite stock trailers, featuring durable all-aluminum construction with newly redesigned & thicker sidewalls and our redesigned heavy-duty and easy-to-use slam latch.

Find out more about Featherlite livestock trailers.

Featherlite Liberty Living Quarters Tour


See more Featherlite Liberty Living Quarters horse trailers: Model 9821 Living Quarters Horse Trailer

A Featherlite Liberty Living Quarters features high quality craftsmanship with upgraded standard features, designer decors and a one source warranty. All this in the finest quality horse trailers ever built!

Just a few of the standard features:
• Solid wood cabinetry
• Brushed nickel finishes
• Recessed cooktop stove
• Upgraded restroom with radius shower
• Soft touch walls and ceiling
• Air conditioning and furnace
• Bluetooth connectivity

Horse Trailer Safety with Rick Lamb


Featuring a Model 8542 Legend Horse Trailer, this video will give you some great general insight about horse safety as it pertains to horse trailers.

Rick Lamb is well known as one of the leading authorities on horses and horse safety. He is the co-author of three books on natural horsemanship and host of the long running TV and radio series, "The Horse Show with Rick Lamb". In this video, he interviews Featherlite's own Justin Queensland to learn more about important safety considerations for horse trailers.

This segment originally aired on the "The Horse Show with Rick Lamb" on Nov. 19, 2015. Visit the Rick Lamb website to learn more!

Fantastic Featherlite: Marines Recruitment & Flight Simulator

This Fantastic Featherlite is a one-of-a-kind recruitment trailer that has built-in flight simulators and striking graphics. That surely adds some enticement for young people who want to explore what it's like to be a U.S. Marines pilot! It's an all-aluminum Featherlite, so it's easy to pull and super durable. There's a reason the Marines choose Featherlite!

See more examples of the incredible diversity of Featherlite Specialty trailers

This trailer is based around the versatile Model 4941 standard car trailer

Championship Halter Trainer Ted Turner Talks About Horse Trailers

World championship equine trainer Ted Turner tells us why he chose Featherlite to transport his horses. Ted uses his new Legend Edition horse trailers to travel to important equine events across the nation.

Check Out Ted Turner’s New Legend Edition Horse Trailers

World championship horse trainer Ted Turner is very particular about his horse trailers. He expects the utmost in quality, durability and customization. So it's no surprise he turned to Featherlite when he went looking for two trailers to pull around the country to numerous events and competitions.

Legend Model 8582 Living Quarters Horse Trailer

Legend Model 8542 Horse Trailer

Fantastic Featherlite: Chipola College's Welding Classroom Trailer

Who would have ever guessed that you could teach students how to weld in a trailer? Well, the engineers and manufacturing staff at Featherlite figured out how to turn Chipola College's vision into reality! This portable classroom trailer houses a complete classroom with computer workstations and video support. Not only that, it also contains a four station hands-on welding workshop complete with welders and all the supporting hardware. Check out the video to see it up close!

Learn more about classroom trailers on our Featherlite Specialty Trailers website.

This trailer is based on Featherlite's popular Model 4941 car trailer platform.


Radio Commercials

"Celebrating 20 Years with NASCAR" featuring Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Living the Country Life Commercial
"There's No Place Like Home" featuring Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
"Your Way" featuring Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Happy Featherlite Owners

Duane Bauck Stock Trailer Testimonial

Professional livestock producer Duane Bauck tells us why he only trusts Featherlite Trailers to carry his animals across the country.